Buyer’s Resources:
- Overview of the Buying & Selling Process
- Benefits of Home Ownership
- Finding the Right Home
- Home Shopping Tips
- Home Inspections-what they are, and are they necessary. We can recommend
- professionals to assist you with them.
- Evaluating Property
- Answers to Frequently Asked Question
- We can recommend types of financing and give you help with selection of a
- professional loan officer.

Seller’s Resources:
- Overview of the Buying & Selling Process
- Preparing Your Home Through The Eyes Of A Buyer
- Repair & Cleaning Checklist
- Possible Work Orders
- What To Do While Your House Is Being Shown
- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Market Analysis:
It is definitely a buyers market now. Interest rates are at an all-time-low, and there are many homes to choose from.  Now is the perfect time to find your dream home at a price worth smiling at.  We offer a free market analysis to help you set a realistic price when selling or when buying to help you decide what is a fair market price for the home you are considering.

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